Snooki Exfoliates With Cat Litter!

Jersey Shore reality star, Snooki, was on Conan O’Brien the other night promoting her new fragrance that she describes as “tacky”. She got on the topic of her beauty regimen, and well, read below about what exactly the guidette uses to exfoliate her face:

Conan: “I don’t understand. I’ve never even heard of this. You take cat litter and you just mush it up against your face? Do you just stick your face in the box?”
Snooki: “No! Some exfoliants they have, like, rocks in them and it makes your skin, like, really smooth and cat litter is, like, a substitute for that.”
Conan: “Yeah but isn’t cat litter like a strong chemical of some kind? I mean, wouldn’t you use any other kind of rock? I just can’t believe this…have you tried this yourself?”
Snooki: “Yeah. I mean I haven’t broken out at all yet so…”
Conan: Well I guess that’s good enough for the FDA!
Snooki: Yeah, I think it works.

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