Clean & Clear Soft In-Shower Facial Cleanser Review

A more affordable alternative to Shiseido and Laneige’s facial cleansers is Clean & Clear Soft In-Shower Facial.

What is it?

A deep cleansing treatment to purify, smooth and soften young skin. The In-Shower Facial treatment is applied to skin while steam produced by the hot water allows the ingredients to deep cleanse pores while infusing moisture into the skin. The SOFT In-Shower Facial is left on skin for one minute, then gently massaged into skin to exfoliate dead skin cells and extract impurities from pores.

The product plays double-duty since it has exfoliating grains to physically remove impurities, as well as AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) to chemically lift dead skin cells. AHA increase skin’s light sensitivity so do apply sunscreen when going outside, ouch!

Soft In-Shower Facial has a pleasant, fresh scent and has lemon and orange extracts. It’s really a facial mask and facial scrub in one: you can pretend you’re experience a luxurious spa clay facial mask, right in the comfort of your own shower. I apply it to my face in the shower, then once I’ve applied my hair conditioner, the product is ready to be scrubbed away.

The product has been discontinued in the USA, but it is still sold in Canada and is on Clean & Clear’s Canadian website (not sure about other countries). Ramblings on claim that the Morning Burst version is similar. You can still purchase this in-shower facial from websites like

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