A Plethora Of Sephora In New York City!

We just returned from our very first trip to New York City. Can you believe it has taken us so long to visit?! Manhattan, home to Magnolia cupcakes, SATC tours and the Saks shoe department that is so big, it even has its own zip-code, 10022-SHOE !

Another great thing about about NYC is that the city boasts 15 Sephora stores, and 27 more in other parts of New York. Walking around the city, it felt as though there was a Sephora on even street corner! Manhattaners definitely don’t need to venture very far to get their Sephora fix.

Other than their 250 stores in France, NYC is the Sephora Mecca on this side of the pond. Makeup addicts, plan your next trip to NYC asap 😉

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