O.P.I Nail Polish ‘You Don’t Know Jacques’

I posted about all the dupes for Chanel nail polish in ‘Particuliere’.  I managed to get my hands on O.P.I’s ‘You Don’t Know Jacques’ for $10 CAD. O.P.I  also offers YDKJ in a ‘matte’ formula for those wanting less shine.


As you can see, YDKJ is quite dark, especially on my fair skin. (Sorry the photo’s kinda blurry, cause I took in on my iPhone.) The consistency is streaky, so you’ll definitely need 2 coats. As for a Chanel Particuliere dupe? It would probably look great on someone with a darker skin tone. The color looks a lot different in different lights.  Sometimes a purple hue, sometimes grey, sometimes brown. I really tried to like this color and even kept it on for a few days.  But it’s just too dark for me.  Also, I’m really more of a pinks and purple nail polish type-of-girl!

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