Lady Gaga Makeup For Halloween

Continuing with our makeup looks this week to create your perfect Halloween costume, we wanted to show you an awesome Lady Gaga Bad Romance inspired makeup tutorial.

This is a super fun googly-eyed look that anyone can rock. Blond wig, loads of fake eyelashes, black liquid liner and extra thick white eyeliner on lower lashes.

Use a clear plastic table cloth, create a pattern and turn it into a dress. In this video, Michelle uses a straight-haired blond wig and boils it to make the hair more curly. However, you can take it a step further and find a short blond curly wig, or curl your own real-hair extensions. (I love HeadKandy). Don’t forget to draw on her tattoos on your left arm with black liquid liner. Set with translucent powder so your tats don’t smudge.

Googoo for Gaga!

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