Jem Makeup For Halloween

With Halloween quickly approaching, I discovered this awesome ‘how-to’ video on creating a ‘Jem’ look.

She was my absolute favorite 80’s cartoon and was way better than Barbie, in my opinion.

I remember having a bunch of the Jem and the Holograms & Misfits dolls: Clash, Pizzazz, Kimber, Aja  – even purple-skinned Synergy and of course her beau Rio!

From her ‘contagious’ music, to the Holograms’ rivalry with the Misfits, if you’re an eighties-baby gal then I’m sure you remember the show fondly.

With hot-pink eyes, a platinum blond & bright pink rocker-wig, and her signature star earrings, anyone can rock this Jem look.

The fabulous makeup artist, Kandee Johnson gives a step-by-step guide to perfecting this ‘truly outrageous’ 80’s character.

Check out Kandee’s how-to video below for everything you need to complete your Halloween costume:

I know you can’t forget the opening song to the show:

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