Perfect Lipstick Tips & Tricks

Does your lipstick lack staying power? Unsure of what shade is perfect for you? Lip color too cool for your skin tone? The following tips and tricks will steer you in the right direction:

  • Perfect Nude Lips Need Powder Power
    Makeup artists call it the “powdered lip look”. Start with a pale pink shade, then dust translucent powder on top for a matte effect. The powder will help lipstick stay in place for longer, and you won’t need to run out and purchase a nude lipstick.

  • Shape Your Lips Without Lip Liner
    Define your cupid’s bow without lining lips: Just dab concealer in the groove at the center of your upper lip and blend well – your peaks will pop!

  • Create A New Tone
    Lipstick hue too cool? Turn any lip color into a warmer shade: Swipe sheer golden gloss over lipstick—it instantly warms up every color.

  • Ensure Lipstick Lasts
    To make your color stay in place, fill your entire lips with a neutral lip pencil (warm it up on your hand first for easier application) before applying lipstick.

  • What’s Your Ideal Color?
    Confused as to which color of pink lipstick is right for you? Pull down your bottom lip! Your ideal hue is roughly the same color as the inside of your lip.

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