Looking Pale? 5 Faux Sun Kissed Bronzers

Feeling a tad pale and lackluster from the long, dreary winter? Fret not, Makeup Junkie has reviewed five bronzers that are sure to give you that faux sun kissed glow your skin is craving:

1. Clinique Almost Bronzer SPF 15 ($34 CAD): They call this “almost bronzer” for a reason. If you have a bronzer phobia, but long for a touch of sun you will love this bronzer. The application is very, very sheer. It claims it’s long-wearing, but because I received the Light/Medium sample I couldn’t see it at all on my skin. It also says it’s buildable which I’m sure is true if you have very fair skin. You can combine the two shades for an all over natural colour or use one to contour and the lighter to highlight. For me, this bronzer was a bust especially at $34, mainly because I couldn’t truly test its potential and I didn’t have a chance to try it on someone fairer than me. Anyone else try this?
2. Lancome Star Bronzer in #3 ($46 CAD): This long-wearing bronzer will be featured this summer in a new slim case with a clic closing. I love the embossed design – it reminds me of sun rays shining over the brand’s classic rose emblem. It even has a rose scent to it. The bronzer is lovely on and the shimmer is very subtle so you get the most natural glow. The shade is very buildable and long-wearing. You won’t have to worry about looking orange this summer – just pure golden baby! Keep in mind, it comes with a hefty price tag but if you love Lancome and love luxury bronzers this is one to get. […]
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