How To Find The Best Lip Color For You

Finding your perfect lip color can be a daunting task. Here are some tips when searching for your best lipstick hue:

– Test Correctly – Use the middle of your lower lip as a guide when looking for the perfect color. The best way to try lipstick on is in the daylight for the most accurate assessment. You might additionally be required to discover a new color if you’ve been tanning – since your lips might become a tad darker.

Know You Lips – The color of your lips affects the way a lipstick looks. Your best friend might be wearing a great color, but don’t assume it will look fab on your lips. Her shade might look too ashy or muddy/dirty on you.

– Nice ‘n Neutral – The most versatile lipstick you can own is a shade that’s just slightly brighter than the lip color you were born with. It will even out and define your lips. Caution: neutral lipstick should not be the color of your concealer – this matte and light look will wash out your face.

Change Things Up – With new seasons come new lip color trends. Don’t be afraid to try these new and often bold colors. You can always adjust the shade to suit your specific coloring.  E.g. apply a thin coat of your neutral go to lipstick, then layer a small amount of the bold shade over top.

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