Makeup And Beauty Tips From Dita Von Teese

Burlesque dancer, model, and actress Dita Von Teese is known for her her ivory complexion, raven locks and bright red lips – the 38-year-old Michigan native is the modern-day icon for 1940s glamour.

TT: If pressed for time when doing your makeup, what are your bare essentials?

DVT: Flawless skin is the most important thing, then red lips. In exactly that order. Red lips don’t look good on blotchy, uneven skin. I use Dior Capture Totale Foundation, and a dusting of Mineralize Powder by MAC. Dior Dolce Vita is my favorite red lipstick. When in a rush, I tie my hair back and throw on a great pair of sunglasses…and voila! Don’t underestimate the cosmetic power of sunglasses. It’s worth spending a bit of money on a quality pair. I usually go for Dior or Louis Vuitton.

TT: I can tell that underneath the foundation and powder you have lovely skin. How do you care for it?

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