NYC Liquid Lip Shine in Sungold Pink

Don’t want to pay for the Makeup Must-Have: NARS ‘Orgasm’ Lip Gloss? Then try NYC Liquid Lip Shine in Sungold Pink, as it’s considered a great dupe for the cult favorite NARS lipgloss.

The plus side? It’s only $2.00 US at drugstores! You can’t beat that price.

Personally, I didn’t like it. I really, really wanted to though! Great price, gorgeous pink color in the tube.  And it looked great on my friend.  I even asked her where she got it cause it looked so fabulous on her! It think Sungold Pink looks better on those with warmer skin-tones.  I’m quite fair, and cool toned, so the gold shimmer just looks too frosty on my lips.

Warmer skin tones, pick one up at your local Walmart!


Have you tried NYC Liquid Lip Shine in Sungold Pink?

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