Brow-Perfecting Tips From Anastasia

As any beauty junkie knows, having expertly groomed eyebrows is a constant balancing act, but when done right, brows can be the perfect permanent beauty accessory. To get educated in the art of brow-taming, famed arch expert, and best in the business Anastasia Soare gives some tips:

What are the rules for tinting your eyebrows?
“If you have blond hair, your eyebrows should be one shade darker. If you have dark hair, your eyebrows should be one shade lighter. If you have dark eyes, you can go with darker eyebrows.
How do you know what shape is best for your face?
“Your eyebrow should start straight above the middle of your nostril. The outside corner of your nose diagonally to the outside corner of your eyes should be the end of the eyebrow. And the tip of your nose diagonally to the middle of your iris should be the highest part of the brow.”

And if you think that Anastasia’s brow kits with stencils are just a gimmick, look at how lovely the kit made Tiffany’s brows in the following video:

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