HeadKandy Hair Extensions Review

I recently purchased some human-hair extensions to wear as a bridesmaid in my friend Elaine‘s gorgeous wedding this summer. I love the long, wavy flowing hair look and thought what better reason to invest in some!

I scoured the web for the highest rated human hair extensions and gals continuously recommended the UK brand HeadKandy as one of their very favorites.  Extra thick, high quality human hair, and ease of ordering + recieving were usually their reasons for recommending HeadKandy. Additionally, the extensions are reasonably priced, compared to other human hair extension brands currently on the market.

HeadKandy clip-in hair extensions are genuine human hair and come in a variety of colors. Black, Red, Blond, Brunette and everything in between. They look incredibly real and when I mentioned to friends that it wasn’t my hair, they didn’t believe me!

They’re super easy to clip-in. If you have fine hair, just tease the section of your hair, then spray some hair-spray to create a secure anchor to clip on your weft. Choose from 12-14, 16-18, 20-22, or 24-26 inch extensions. Also, you can purchase them in deluxe full head, quad wefts, or single strips. I ordered the deluxe full head in 16-18 inches, which comes with 10 different wefts and is more than enough hair for my head.

Confused on which color to choose? Email a picture of your hair to info@headkandy.com and they’ll tell you just what shade clip in you need! I emailed a photo of mine and they matched the color very well to my then current hair color. I did get new highlights before I first wore the extensions, evidently the color was a little different. However, because HeadKandy extensions are multi-tonal, with so many highlights + lowlights, the extensions blended and adapted beautifully with my natural hair.

Ordering online couldn’t have been simpler. From the UK to my home in Canada only took 2 or 3 days. I remember opening up our mailbox, seeing the package inside and being surprised the extensions had arrived so quickly! Currently, HeadKandy also ships to the USA, Europe, and Australia.

If you receive your extensions in the mail and decide that you chose the wrong color, you can mail them back to the company for an exchange – just make sure you do not remove the extensions from the plastic. Remember, the extensions look darker in the package because they are wrapped in a fine, black hair-net to keep them from tangling during shipment.

Overall, I would recommend HeadKandy if you’re looking for good quality human hair extensions. You won’t be disappointed 🙂

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